Palmyra School District
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Message from the Director

The Palmyra School District provides a comprehensive special education program to all classified students enrolled in the district. The Palmyra School Districtís Special Education Departmentís philosophy is based on four foundational principles.

1. Every student is special, unique and gifted in some area of his/her life.
2. All students have the potential to learn when placed in a supportive learning environment and instruction addresses their specific needs and skill levels.
3. The development of an IEP requires parental involvement; a comprehensive review of the studentís past and present social, learning and behavioral history.
4. Students found eligible for special educational services are placed in the least restrictive environment.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the delivery of special education services.

 Jeanne Barber
Interim Director of Special Services
856-786-9300  Ext. 1001

Jeanne Barber
Interim Director of Special Services
856 786-9300 Extension 1001
Terry Bradshaw
Child Study Secretary
856 786-9300 Extension 1007

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